About Elexis
I started playing The Sims back in 2000, when the base game of the first Sims came out. Since then, I got every EP that came out after it. The game consumed all of my spare time, but I enjoyed it so much that I decided to start creating CC for it. I’ve recolored a few outfits at the time, but the lack of my English held me back from sharing my stuff.
Everything changed when The Sims 2 launched in 2004, the new graphics and gameplay possibilities looked far more interesting than creating CC, so I still wasn’t a part of the community back then. In June 2006 I registered at MTS and started to lurk around until I found some nice Body Shop tutorials. That was the first time I’ve tried to recolor a piece of CC for Sims 2. There were lots of projects in my WIP folder, along with my few first hair meshes, but the lack of time didn’t allow me to finish them.

My MTS account was abandoned for a few years until The Sims 3 came out. Then, I was obsessed with the idea to create something again and finally in January 2011 I made my first piece of CC for the new game. Now it’s been  more than a year since my “return” to the Sims community and I’m still full of ideas for creating. I was granted modly powers at MTS, which allowed me to teach and guide other creators helping them to lean the learning curve at making CC.

I will be creating for Mod The Sims too, but most of my stuff will be either MTS or blog exclusives. I will post clohing, hair, accessories, poses, obejcts and some converted stuff from other games that I like, so you will be able to find quite a big variety of items from me here.
I wanted to make something funny for the self-presentation, but I guess little pixel dolls ate all my creativity on this :)
This is my Self-Sim profile, based on all the info that usually Sims have. There are a lot more traits that suit me, but as we are allowed to have only 5 for one Sim, I left the most important ones only.

Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Capricorn
Life Time Wish: International Super Spy

- Vehicle Enthusiast
- Computer Whiz
- Cat Person
- Artistic
- Dislikes Children

Food: Egg Rolls
Color: Red
Music: Electronic (There wasn‘t the needed genre, so I chose the closest one)
You can find me at:

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