"Sweetly Broken" - Peggyzone Hair 902 Overhaul

This hair took a lot of my time and nerves. I'm still wondering why Peggy left a big bald spot under the hat, because it basically made this hair unusable for me. The only reason that kept me motivated to finish this hair fix was that it's probably the only hair around that has realistic curls and volume proportions. It also reminds me a lot of my own hair when I curl them with sponge curlers :)
So, I decided remove that wonky hat and cover the bald spot, but it turned out into more and more fixing than I expected (full list of changes at the end of the post). It's still not perfect and has some minor transparency issues, but I did what I can to fix them.

- This hair is for female teens, young adults, adults and elders.
- Can be used with all clothing categories, included maternity and career.
- 2 versions: EA highlights and Adjust-Shine highlights. You can have both at the same time. 
- Both Package and Sims3Pack formats available. 
- Polycount: 12000+ polys for HQ, 4000+ for MQ and 1600+ for LQ.
- Original hair is by Peggyzone. Textures are by Anubis.

Adjust-Shine Highlights

Changes made:

- The hat removed.
- Huge bald spot under the hat is filled with new mesh parts.
- The skewed UV map fixed.
- Overlapping mesh parts fixed.
- Sharp mesh edges reduced.
- Proper LOD's added.
- Retextured.
If you want to use this in your uploads, just link back here.
Please, don't redistribute and don't include
  with re-textures!

EA Highlights

Adjust-Shine Highlights

Model credits:
- Skintones by Ephemera / Mallow / LadyFrontBum / Ephemera
- Eyes Syera / Elexis 
- Lipsticks by Daluved1 / Elexis
- Eyeshadows by Emmzx / Ephemera
- Eyeliners by  Emmzx / Ephemera
- Accessories by Daluved1 / S-Club
- Clothing by The Store


fjl721 said...

this is gorgeous, it looks amazing!

Nadia said...

That's an impressive difference between the hairs! No wonder it was so frustrating! It looks amazing, though, so kudos for sticking with it! =]

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sticking with it! Good curls really are so hard to get. Downloading now!

KosmoKhaos said...

<3 Gorgeous Elexis!! Thank you for sharing!

Ameenah said...

Elexis, you are amazing! Thank you for the miracle work you did on this mesh!

Juliana said...

You never let me forget why I think you're amazing *--*

Anonymous said...

OMG! This is Awesome! Thank you :)

Rayne said...

You did AMAZING on this ♥ I love it!

Australorp said...

I'll never know why Peggy put that hat on top; it looks amazing without it! Thank you. :)

Saga, ALLT OM SIMS said...

Really great work!

Skylar said...

brb building you a monument. You're a miracle worker. Amazing job. *0*

Marianna said...

This is just stunning!!

Anonymous said...

Hurray for curls! Thank you!

IMHO said...

спасибо ♡

Vkitty said...

This is awesome! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Thank you :)

Mia said...

You're SO awesome!!

Anonymous said...

This is soo awesome! Thank you so much, thank you, thank you! Just perfect and so useful for many different simmies;)

Kitty said...

Looks gorgeous without that awful hat. So glad you took the time to fix it!

Jéssicα Olivєirα ✿ said...

So beautiful, thank you for the incredible work.

Anonymous said...

This is just gorgeous and you deserve a lot of credit for working so hard and so long on this! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god I'm so happy. I can finally make a sim that actually has my hair :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

LFE said...

Oh god what a wonderful work ! Thank you so much for making this ! You entirely rebuilt it !

Anonymous said...

Very nice! thank you for all the time and effort you put into this. I really appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said...

i liked the hair but i cant get the rar to show up in my game? when i download it i doesnt come in a zip file so there is no need to open it, why doesnt it work for me?

Juliana said...

@Anon 2:17
You need to extract the files from inside the .rar
You can learn how to do this here:

Sonnenblum said...

Love! Thank you so much

Margeh75-2 said...

I LOVE IT and i'm downloading it. thanks for making and sharing it with us #:)

Hannah said...

Gorgeous! Thank you!

I also have to add, the model to the left on the first picture looks like Joy Tanner. :)

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