Mix-N-Match Maternity Underwear

When it comes to maternity wear, our lady sims are seriously lacking. Of course there are many awesome creators out there making maternity clothing, yet very few seem to focus on maternity underwear. I grew tired of watching my expecting mothers strut around in flimsy bras and boy shorts, so I decided to make a couple of maternity friendly under garments.

I created two full size bras to accommodate the..err..heavier breasts during pregnancy. The first is a plain support bra featuring thick straps and a sturdy under-wire. The second bra is simply the converted elder bra I did a while back. I finally got around to adding a working pregnancy morph to the bra. So, I suggest you download this version and nix the original.

To go along with the brassieres, I made a couple of bottom pieces. One is a plain brief with a control top that goes over the belly for comfort. The second is a more spanx-esque bottom shaper. It features a see-through tummy with banded support underneath.

The bra can also be paired with regular maternity bottoms for that comfy, I'm-laying-around-the-house-because-I'm-as-big-as-a-cow look.

Known Issues: The thumbnail images in CAS will show the bottoms with a weird bright light down the tummy. I was able to fix this by realigning normals, but was too lazy to retake my thumbnail shots. What matters is that the issue is fixed. :)

Credit: The original meshes come from Poppy Sims. I did a few small tweaks in Milkshape and realligned the normals to fix bad lighting issues. However, this is really the EA nude mesh modified.

-Categories: Sleepwear
-Set for Random Townie Use
-Female Adults
-One Channel


Susan said...

Love these! They are so accurate!

Anonymous said...

Ah at last Maternity wear that isn't more t shirts. I need to put more in my game.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Finally! A realistic outfit for my pregnant sims! I was so tired of them walking around in the underwear that seems a little "wrong" to wear while expecting a child.

MoonFairy said...

Beautiful and lovely clothes ^ _ ^ Thank you :)

Dana P. said...

Thanks, these clothes look a lot like what I wore during pregnancy!

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