Little Gardener - Toddler Outfit by Juliana

Hello, hello, hello :)
Today... something for your little girls 

- This outfit is available under everyday and formal categories, for toddler females;
- Four recolorable channels;
- Polycount: 2165 polys.

Morning Rain ~ Layered dress

Hi! I've been working with this dress for the last two weeks, because first I attempted to use a transparent layer over the dress, like lace or tulle, but I didn't get the look I wanted so I skipped that for now.
That doesn't mean this dress isn't cute enough to download! The chiffon detail is actually part of the mesh, so it looks much better than if it was painted! I think it's a perfect dress for special ocassions, depending on the color, it could be used either for assisting to a wedding or why not a funeral! lol

- This dress is available under everyday, formal, and career categories, for young adult and adults females only.
- Four recolorable channels, three designs included.
- Polycount is 3500+ (Low)
- Morph states compatible, pregnant morph not included.

"LOOK BOOK" - Model Pose Pack

Hi everyone,
My poses are always "scenes" with situations or something like that but this time I decided to do something more classic, a model pose pack! :) Simple but may be useful for some creatores show your fall/winter collections huh? Haha. Hope you all like that, guys!

With List:
a_lookbook1 (left)
a_lookbook2 (right)

"it's my life" - Dress by jocker

Hi guys! I really loved this dress, hope you like it! ^-^
- This outfit is available under everyday, formal and career categories, for young adult and adults females only.
- Three recolorable channels. 
- Polycount is 4340 polys 
- Morph states compatible, pregnant morph included.

"Scene Queen" - Peggyzone 4233 Hair Overhaul

This hair conversion was suggested by Kosmosims3khaos, I saw it and I liked it, so here it is now :)

The original hair was for Sims 2, very low poly and had poor textures and alpha. I had to rip it apart and re-shape all parts again to make it look half-decent in Sims 3, but I ended up making it more high poly and detailed. The UV map was completely changed to use new textures and highlight system, the alpha was replaced with the new one. A big thanks to Anto for helping me out with bone assignments and also for allowing to use his awesome alpha bits :)

- Hair for females, teen to elder.
- Available for all clothing categories.
- 3 highlights versions: EA, Adjust-Shine and Streaked.
- 2 length versions: Long and Chopped.
- Long version is 8996 polygons and chopped version is 8628 polygons for HQ. Lower LOD's are significantly smaller.
- Suitable for fat Sims.

Long Version

Chopped Version