I Invented Retro! - Classic Swimsuit for Females

*Blows dust off of the site*

Hello guys! I've decided to crawl out of retirement (at least for a little while) and get back into creating again.

I decided to start small, and do a simple age conversion of the Classic Bottom Swimsuit from my I Love Retro set. What started off as a few texture tweaks turned into a complete reworking of the swimsuit. I fixed a lot of texture issues, and added a proper bump map. I also redid the mask, as well. Since the finished project is completely different (and much much better) than the original, I decided to go ahead and make the suit available for Teens and Adults, too.

The suit has the classic pinup bottom with a silky ribbon halter tie. There are four channels for maximum customization.

As stated earlier, the swimsuit is for females teen through elder. The suit is found in the swimsuit category, and is also enabled for career.

The adult version of the swimsuit also has a pregnancy morph, so it is maternity enabled.



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