Cushy Lounge Chair + 2 Bonus Pet Beds

I saw this really neat lounge setting on Tumblr and I fell in love with it. It's essentially just two large pillows, with one propped up on the wall. I think the simplicity of the "chair" is what makes it so cool.

My version for the sims has a funky just thrown together look to give it a more authentic feel. It's really designed to be propped up on the wall, or catercorner in a crevice. The only down side it that the sims will still "prop" their arms up as if there were sidebars. This is unavoidable as of now. =/ (Note: the sim was posed on the chair using pose player and an OMSP)

After finishing the lounge chair, I was going to make some decorative throw pillows, too. But then, I had a fantastic idea to make pet beds instead!
EA gave us such limited choices for pet beds, and most of them are too froufrou for my tastes. These beds are simple and much cheaper, and your pet won't know the difference. In fact, I know my RL dog would prefer to sleep on one of my bed pillows than on his own pet mat.

Please note that the lounge chair is BASE GAME. You need PETS for the pet beds only.

Catalog NamePriceChannelsPolysCategory
Cushy Lounge Chair1252402Comfort/Lounge Chair
Lil' Cushy Pet Bed501210Pet Essentials
Cushy Pet Bed751210Pet Essentials
Lounge Chair

Small Pet Bed

Large Pet Bed


Anonymous said...

This is awesome! The chair looks so comfy and you're right in that most of the pet beds are too big/bulky/fancy. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome post, I like the one on the last picture.

Beds for Dogs

Pet Beds Direct said...

Love these beds!

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