"Ace Queens" - Pose Set by Elexis

 Pose Player by Cmomoney is required for these to work!
This is a simple pose set which was created exclusively for the blog presentation and is now shared. You can see these poses in the ace cards that represent 4 creators of this blog: Anubis (Spades), Elexis (Diamonds), Daluved1 (Clubs) and Juliana (Hearts).

With the Ace Of Clubs pose, you can place any object on the Sim's palm (like the little snake from Pets) using moveobjects on cheat and OMSP by Granthes.

Pose names (in case if you don't want to use Pose List):

a_queen1 - Ace Of Spades
a_queen2 - Ace Of Hearts
a_queen3 - Ace Of Diamonds
a_queen4 - Ace Of Clubs

If you want to use these in your uploads, just link back here.
Do not distribute!

Download (package only)

Model credits:

- Skintone by Ephemera 
- Scepter/Mace by Elexis 
- Lipstick by Elexis 
- Eyeshadow  Emmzx 
- Eyeliner by Aarin 
- Eyebrows by Elexis
- Hair by Rose (Savio) 
- Shoes by The Store  
- Outfit from Showtime Katy Perry Edition


Augusto said...

I'm downloading this pose now!!!

It's So cool! this poses is so beautiful!

JS Sims 3 said...

I love these poses!! Thank you!
Btw, the model is so pretty^^

V@llichan :3 said...

Ohh, Elexis, I love these poses. I wish you would release your model one day. <3

Juan Gartner said...

i luv the wholeee siteee!!!!! wooowww the desing it's just amazing

KnightDevil♥ said...

Love this!!! The way how you use in the card is so awesome♥
Thanks :3

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! The poses are very elegant... Oh, and your site is cool, I really like the desing and useful creations!!

Anonymous said...

Your model is gorgeous! Will you ever release her?

Unknown said...

Замечательные позы, хорошо проработана мимика, спасибо!

Bootherobot said...
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Bootherobot said...

Thank you Elexis!
Sorry, I figured out my question! :)

Thank you! They are so natural and beautiful!! :)
Thank you!

Bernice said...

WOW! This sim is beautiful. Please release her soon!! <3

Anonymous said...


ColorfulVoid said...

Could you tell me where the dress comes from please ?

Elexis said...

LFE, it's not a dress, it's a Katy Perry watermelon romper from Showtime KP Edition :)

Anonymous said...

Wow these are great! How did you get the snake?

Unknown said...

Great poses! :)

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