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       I've been a Sims fan since I bought the first Sims game in 2002. Ever since then I used to save up my allowance to buy each new EP as they came out. It wasn't until much, much later that I discovered custom content for TS1, but I still wasn't really part of the "community". 

I didn't actually get active in the Sims' Community until I got TS2 for Christmas of 2008. Which was the day that I joined ModTheSims. I stumbled over a few bodyshop tutorials and attempted to upload my creations. Unfortunately, I received reject, after reject, after reject. So, I kinda gave up on clothes making.

Then, when TS3 came out the creation process for that game was new. Everyone was in this excited learning buzz and I joined along side. The first thing I learned how to do was add a stencil to a shirt--simple but amazing at the time. I was so thrilled that I rushed to make a tutorial for it. And I followed suit with everything else that I learned, eventually wracking up 12 written tutorials, 9 video tutorials, and one huge complete CAS creation guide.

As my writing skills increased, so did my actual creations. I evolved from copy/paste stencil designs to hand drawn textures and custom meshes. I look at some of my old creations and think "What the hell is this?". For those of you who remember my Fantasy Bridal Dress (*shudders*), you will probably agree that I came a long way!

All of this eventually landed me a job as a MTS moderator, and I absolutely love working for the site. I met some amazing people, and have seen equally amazing ones go.

Currently, I'm focusing on my smaller side projects such as Barbie Dal and this site. I'm still at ModTheSims but as a lesser active mod.


So enough about me....let's talk about ME! Well the real me that is. My name is Alaina and I'm 20 going on 21 years old. I'm from the hot, hot state of Louisiana, born and raised.

Currently I'm in college studying Mathematics with a concentration in Secondary Education. I want to eventually become a high school math teacher.

I have a doggy named Gumbo, he's 14 years old and counting. He's my one true best friend, other than my illustrious mother.

In high school I used to be big on art, but now I've sort of let that go sadly. However, I still do crafty things such as sewing, needle point and crotchet. My specialty is Barbie doll clothes.

I love tattoos and piercings. I currently have three tattoos and--not so surprisingly--they're math related! Well accept for one....

I love cartoons and crime shows such as Criminal Minds, CSI and Law and Order. I also enjoy Desperate Housewives, and any trash TV. Yes, Jersey Shore and Mob Wives! However, my absolute most FAVORITE television show is I Love Lucy. I own the complete collection of every show, spin off and movie.

When it comes to music, don't ask me about new songs. I don't listen to the radio, and I haven't updated my iPod in months. But, I like a wide variety ranging from showtunes to hard rock.

If you want to stalk get to know me more:

I tweet (a lot): @daluved1
I facebook: Let's be friends!
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I deviate: Look! Art!

Also, I'm dieting! Check out my progress :)

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K bye!


Anonymous said...

Mods for sims are art too! Be proud of that! I used to be very into art as well, and no longer do such activities due to work and college. However, I wish I had your skill with mods. It is an artform that requires a certain amount of talent that not everyone has. You are fantastic!

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