That's my Simself dressed with my own fashion
brand that I have in real life: Trick And Treat.
I started falling in love with The Sims in 2002. I played and delights me even without any custom content, but began attending sites exhibiting stories written with screenshots of the game in a narrative. I wanted to enter because it's totally amazing...But attempt failed! I was horrible with the prints and had no fixed ideas for text. After much push myself, I ended up turning into an old story idea as simmer story (DRINKME), and finally got some readers who motivated me to continue (S.I.C.K). But still missing something! I was fissured in making the scenes realistic as possible and realized I would have to learn to do poses to make this possible. So I tried very hard to learn and do everything. Thinking about how hard it was to find poses at the time I could not do them, I decided to share it with everyone! It can be seen then that is my specialty poses and animations, but I'm on the way to learn to make clothes, accessories and objects. Being now in a group of creators like that, I'll learn a lot. Yes, guys! I am also Brazilian. I studied Fashion Design in the last two and a half years and now I want to study in the UK. In short, I love all kinds of art and I believe that creating content for this game is one of those types (seriously!)

Well, I got a different mind. I love horror movies and EVERYTHING about halloween. Of course I got a special affection to creators who make "dark" stuff, but that's not my style here on Ace Creators. I'm trying to make stuff for every style of simmers. Hope A LOT that you all like my creations.



Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for even asking, since I know that you do not take requests, but could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE upload your sim, Kitty?? I totally fell in love with her and I would love you forever if you uploaded her :) Thank you for all of your work!

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