Beez In the Trap: Nicki's Body Suit by Daluved1

As much as I hate the song, I love the body suit that Nicki Minaj wore in the video. It's really sexy without being as revealing as some of the other stuff she's worn.
I thought this would be really cute on my sims, so I made a replica for them to wear. My version is almost the same as the real body suit, except I used a rounder neck line which looks better, IMO.

Besides sexy club wear, the body suit can be great for Showtime performers. So, it is available for Career outfits, as well as Everyday, Formal, Sleepwear and Athletic.

The suit is also set for maternity use, but not for random townie use so you won't see this risque' outfit popping up around your world.

The body suit comes with four recolorable channels: the main body suit, and each back strap separately. There are three presets as shown below.


P.S. I enjoyed this photo shoot a lot, and consequently used a ton of CC. If you want to know where to find something on my models just ask in the comments.


Rosa said...

These are awesome can't wait to use them! :)

Yoteamo said...

I think this looks fabulous! Thank you SO much <3
My sim is gonna be such hot stuff lol :)

Sackgirl said...

I haven't heard the song. But this work is gorgeous. Awesome job. Thank you ^_^

Jassi said...

Looks great! :)

TheDen said...

Looks amazing :)

Elexis said...

Wow, I love this! The texture looks extremely nice and crisp, well done :)

IsaBella Lynn said...

I really hate the song too, but love the body suit great job!!! I love it!!!

Saffron said...

Nice job! <3

Anonymous said...

I thought i was the only one who liked that suit! Thank you so much, you did a fabulous job.

ColorfulVoid said...

Sexy ! I will surely use it in my game !

Lena Shan said...

Wonderful, as always! <3
There is just one question about the CC, where do I get the poses you use in this photoshoot? I loved them and need them for a story I'm woking on ^^
And the lady with the light blue version of this suit, where do I download her ballet shoes? :)

daluved1 said...

The ballet shoes are mine, part of my Madame Dal's House of Dance set:

The poses come from several sets:
-Charming pose set by IMHO:
-Sensual pose set by Traelia:
-Elegant pose set by Traelia:
-Pin-Up pose set by Traelia:
-Ace Queens pose set by Elexis:
-Top Model pose set by Maximum:
-Glampose set by Yuki:

Jennifer said...

where did you get the heels from?

digitaldollies said...

I'd love to know where to find the heels on the middle and right model on the bottom picture.

OHxSADE. said...

For anyone still looking for the heels, I found them. :)

They're at the bottom, happy simming!

Layla said...

Sexy! I love it! :3 Now my queen bee has somethin' to wear ^^

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