Sissy Velvet: Master of Androgyny

Meet my favorite model, Mr. Androgyny himself, Sissy Velvet. This sim actually has a partner named Doña Poncha, who you've seen along side Sissy in my Drag Me to Fabulous series. I originally made the pair to go in Bridgeport as a cabaret-esque performance duo. I guess if I were to get Showtime, I could make their story come to life.

Sissy comes with all five outfits custom designed. They're all EA clothing*, so the sim is ready to be placed in your game as is.

I was a little hesitant to release my sim, but I've gotten so many requests for him. He's my pride and joy, so make sure he's happy in your world!

  • Dare Devil
  • Dramatic
  • Flirty
  • Party Animal
  • Star Quality
Astrological Sign
  • Leo
Custom Sliders (Slider x4 Hack Used)
Custom Content Used
*Everything is base game but the pink open collared shirt. It is from Late Night.
**I have version 1 of this skin installed, which is no longer available. But version 2 is similar.
***Shyne graciously linked me to the mediafire upload of the Dark Storm eyes. However, she still has not officially uploaded them to her site. I think Shyne removed this eye from her site, however her Simplified Doll Eyes are similar.

This sim is packaged without custom hair and skin!


SkyelarMarie said...

Awww..I love him! Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! I have to put him in my game right now :D

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