"The Carla" - A Saucy Dress by Daluved1

One of my favorite sources of trash TV, besides Jersey Shore of course, is Mob Wives. Yes, I love the drama and crazy antics on the show. And, I also love the fashion sense of the ladies on the show.

Carla Facciolo has a very chic style, especially with her collection of sundress. So, I decided to model my latest creation off of a dress I saw her wear.

It's made for elders because we all know those ladies on that show are a little....dated. :)

-For female elders, only.
-Available for Everyday, Formal and Sleepwear.
-Three channels: skirt, bodice and trim.
-Three presets provided.
-3,774 polys

If you want to use this in your uploads, just link back here.
Please, don't redistribute. You may use my meshes, but not my textures (unless given permission).


RomaniM said...

There are not enough clothes for elders! I love you!

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