"About a Girl" - Outfit by Jocker

Hi guys! I really loved this outfit, hope you like it! ^-^
- This outfit is available under everyday, formal and career categories, for young adult and adults females only.
- Three recolorable channels. 
- Polycount is 4452 polys 
- Morph states compatible, pregnant morph not included.

 If you want to use this in your uploads, just link back here. 
Don't redistribute without permission!

Model Credits:
Skintones by Ephemera
Lipstick by S-Club 
Eyeshadow by Elexis
Eyes by Elexis 
Hair by Cazy 
Nacklace by Jocker


Kitty said...

Purty, though I would love to have the top as a separate. :)

JS Sims 3 said...

It's totally awesome!! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I like it, specially the shorts, I think is really good but could be better if you make some adjusts but well it's perfect by the way it is(: Keep the awesome work

WhiteCrow said...

Ohhh Jocker >_>
I love this Song by the Sugababes (if this was the Song that inspired You :P).
Cool Outfit, I really like how You work the American Pattern into the Texture ^_^

Anonymous said...

^___^ Jocker, i love you <3 :D

Unknown said...

Thank you guys,I had to make that outfit in record time, I was supposed to have posted along with others in the new year.

irKatty said...

so cute *-* thank you.

ebec11 said...

I love them, but I won't download because I don't like having the US flag on the pants. If there was a version without the flag and it's just normal jeans, I would download in a HEARTBEAT.

Simlicious said...

I love the mesh! This outfit turned out really well, but I would also like to see a plain version additionally for more versatility :)

Anonymous said...

how do yu download it

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