"Regular Love" - Couple Pose Pack by Alice

Hi everyone! Here's my Secret Santa Gift for you! It's a pack with lovely poses for this new year's eve. I tryed to do something different, you know? They are in love, but they like to laugh together. It's a "regular love". Hope so much that you like this poses. Happy new year. ♥

Please, use "Alt" to put his fingers in the right place if something goes wrong, ok?
 This pose makes the "boobs" looks bigger with the moviment of the arms x)
 Duck face maybe?

Haha, yes! That dumb/stupid/joke faces as made like a pose bonus for complete the sequence. The objetive is made they joked with the camera. I already tryed her pose with a lot of Sims, and all them looks good with the fingers on the lips, BUT if you use some special slider or something this can goes wierd (more |o|) hope it works with yours! xD His pose can be used on females too, keeps cute.
Give some fun for your Sims x)

(With list!)


If you want to use these in your uploads, just link back here.
Do not distribute! 

~ Clothes by  The Sims 3  Store (Seeing Stars Pack) (top) / Juliana (buttom)
~ Acessories by  LorandiaSims
~ Skintones by Therewasnothingleft
~ Eyes by Elexis / -Shady-

~ Hair by    The Sims 3 Store  
~ Clothes The Sims 3 Showtime (top) )  / The Sims 3 Diesel (buttom)
~ Skintones by Therewasnothingleft
~ Eyes by  -Shady-


Rafa Alves said...

As always (It has stopped being a surprise a looong time ago), I love it, Ali! Please don't give up on making poses for The Sims. EVER.

xtrosy said...

oo that's a incredible pose pack! you never cease to amaze me hun. tyty /3\

Fannie said...

im in love with all your pose packs!! and your model kitty! (: amazing job as always! :D

Rebeca Miharu Lovi said...

He looks like Kevin Bacon xDDDDDDDD!!

Alice said...

Thank so much, guys!

Kevin Bacon? Haha, a little!
He was made to be my own Jack O'Connell.

Mateus Vasconcelos said...

Loved this! You're so talented!
Simon and Kitty are so cute! I'll use this, of course! :)

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