A Royal Flush - Looking to add fresh faces to our deck!

Want to join us at Ace Creators? Well, here’s your chance! We’re opening our doors and windows to let some fresh talent in. Read more to see how to apply!

How It Works

    Send us one creation to our email, it can be whatever you like! As long as it’s in the accepted submissions list below. Your creation must be completely new. Meaning that if you’re already an uploading creator in the community, we will not accept a previously existing upload of yours.

    Not only do you want to “sell” your creation to us, but also to the community! Once the submission period is over, we will test each item thoroughly. We’re going to thin out the submissions to about 5 - 10 creators (depending on the amount of participants). We will then post these up for the community to vote on! The creators who get the top number of votes will become a part of our team!

    We ask that you do not upload your submissions elsewhere until at least the preview period is over, and the finalists post is up for voting. If you are selected as a finalist, then please continue holding your creation until the voting is over and winners have been announced. The reason being is that if you are chosen as a winner and accept our invitation to join us, we would like to feature your submission as your first upload to the site.

Accepted Submissions

Create A Sim:

    Keep in mind that we will initially test everything in CAS, but all final decisions will be made on how the item looks in game.

  • Clothing and Accessories
    This includes outfits, tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories for any age, gender or species. Yes, even pet clothing and accessories are accepted!

What we’re looking for:

- EA matching textures. That is, textures that have been hand drawn. The use of brushes and downloaded texture templates are fine. We just do not want to see photoskinning of any kind.
- Keep it PG-13. Provocative clothing is fine, but flat out pornography/obscenity is not. 
- Categorize! Be sure to take the time to give your clothing proper categories. Remember, just because you can set a pair of fuzzy bedroom slippers as swimwear doesn’t mean that you should.
- Full Functionality. If you’re making an item with a custom mesh, it needs to function properly. That is, it must morph completely and animate smoothly. Also, the lighting/shadows need to be rendered correctly, too. 
IMPORTANT: We’ll NOT accept simple stencils/patterns applied to a basic EA shirt/dress/bottom.

  • Hairs 
     This includes retextures, conversions, fixes and original meshes.

What we’re looking for:

- Proper control layouts. Be sure to include both adjust-shine and EA's highlights.
- Good textures. The textures can be hand drawn by you, or borrowed from Pooklet.
- Follow TOU’s. Be respectful of the original creator’s policy. For example, XM doesn’t want you including their meshes. Neither do Raonjena and NewSea. 
- Full functionality. If you are fixing/converting/creating a hair mesh, make sure you have done the morph states and that it is breast-slider compatible (this only applies to longer hairs). Also, do not forget to properly animate your hair!

  • Miscellaneous
    This includes tattoos, makeup, beauty Marks and facial hair.

What we’re looking for:

- Crisp textures. Although we do still encourage hand drawn textures, for these types of creations you may use images/textures found on the internet. Just make sure to use good quality images.
- Use of artistic privilege. As an extension to the above guideline, you still need to show some sort of creative effort, even if you’re using someone else’s image. This applies the most to tattoos. If you find a good image that you’d like to make a tattoo of, you’ll still need to do texture edits and touch ups to make it work as a tattoo. Do not just slap a premade image down and call it “art”.
- Proper recoloring. These types of creations should have at least one functioning channel, but definitely more if the creation warrants it. While not all color combinations will work for these types of creations, make that they do recolor decently with a varierty of CASting styles.
- Categorize! Makeup and facial hair should be categorized correctly, this includes both age and gender. Additionally, freckles should be in freckles section; beauty marks in the marks section and so on. 
  • Genetics 
This includes skins and eyes (both default and non-defaults).

What we’re looking for:

- In case of blended content, read TOU’s. Never modify the work of anyone without their consent.
- Skins must be compatible with Late Night muscle Sliders.
- If you’re doing defaults, describe exactly what this will change in game.
- Everything must be properly recolorable.

  • Objects: 
 We want completely new items only! Not overrides, tweaks or default replacements.

What we’re looking for:

- Unique meshes. At this time we’re not interested in recolors of of already existing meshes. We want to see custom meshes made by you. You can still take bits and pieces of EA meshes, or use mesh primitives to make your own item. As long as you have to use a 3D modeling program at some point, then you should be fine. 
- Follow TOU’s. We encourage using your own mesh, but at some point if you use meshes of another person, do not forget to respect their policies. And, always give credit.
- Detailed texturing. Meshing is only half the battle! We want to see good, crisp textures, preferably hand drawn and/or EA match as much as possible.
- Proper recoloring. A smart, well thought out channel layout is a bonus for any object. Keep in mind that UV mapping is important, too.
- Categorize! Your object needs to have the proper category flags sets for it. A dining chair should not be in the bathroom category, and so on and so forth.

  • Custom Poses:
 Any poses made to be used with cmomoney’s pose player.

What we’re looking for:

- Keep it real. Poses should look natural. The body should not look stiff nor should the sims have to contort in ways that are impossible to for the human anatomy. The body should not defy gravity and the weight should be always centered.
- Whole body posing. Always try to rotate all joints at least a little bit, do not leave unposed fingers. Also, avoid the perfect symmetry.
- No clipping and anti-clipping. You need to avoid clipping as much as possible, always try to make your poses as much versatile as possible for larger Sims or thicker clothing.
- No floating or sinking into the ground. This does not apply to the poses that are supposed to show Sims in full movement (running, jumping, etc.)
- Neatness. Poses must be compatible with the Pose List feature on cmomoney’s pose player

File Types

You will need to provide both, Sims3pack and Package files (except for poses, skins, mods or sliders that can be only made in package format). 


- We will not accept patterns or custom pets as submissions.
- No TSR. That means, no to using TSR pay custom content or meshes. No to working with TSR hairs, and no to people who also upload to TSR. You can still use TSR Workshop though. 

Pictures and Presentation

Take preview pictures with neutral backgrounds; it should not call more attention than your creation. If you are unsure how to do this, try reading THIS tutorial made by Elexis.
Remember that downloaders have to desire what you're offering, so make your presentation attractive by taking clear pictures with lots of close ups and detail shots. Remember, we want our downloaders to know that “what you see is what you get”, so no heavy photoshopping of preview images. You can add a few artistic touches with text and borders, but keep it to a minimum.
 In the description of your creation it is essential that you include the following information: 
- Type (eyebrows, clothing, shoes, etc)
- Gender/Species
- Age
- Category
- Channels
- Polygon Count 

Additional Requirements

- You must have your own Google account. They’re free to create if you do not have one already.
-You can upload your creations anywhere else and have your own site too. You will not be required to be an exclusive artist for our blog - unless you want to be, of course. :)
- Creators who have a lack of posts in sixty (60) days will be replaced.


In case of being rejected, don't give up! Keep practicing and improving your creating skills! We will definitely give you lots of suggestions, advice and feedback.

If you are accepted, we’ll send you an invitation to become an author on the blog. You will then be able to write your own entries and start uploading your future creations!

Important Dates

August 22 - Announcement 
August 22 to September, 11 - Submissions Date 
September 11 to September 20 - Judging Date 
September 20 to September 27 - Poll for the community to vote 
Semptember 30 - Results 

email: simsacecreators@gmail.com


Julia said...

If we do poses, how many would you be looking for in a pose pack?

Ace Creators said...

since it is more than two poses, I think any number is ok

TheDen said...

I hope I will get a chance to send you something until Sept 11

Anonymous said...

But all the card suits are taken on ace creators? How will this work?

irKatty said...

Goodluck everyone, I wish I had enough skill. ^^

Rayne said...

I'm going to give it a try and hope for the best. .-. can we send more than one thing? Or just /one/?

Anonymous said...

Are Sims accepted?

Anonymous said...

If I only know how to make realistic & beauty sims can I participate or it's neccesary to know how to create meshes, poses or whatever?

Ace Creators said...

@Anonymous 10:47AM
This is not a problem =)

Just one thing is accepted

@Sims3Pony101 and @Anonymous 11:22AM
Just "OMG so amazing/incredible/perfect/nothing compares to this" sims maybe can be accepted

Anonymous said...

I'm not a creator, but I think Traelia should consider this group! She does a little bit of everything, and having the five of you, I wouldn't have to go on any other sites ever again! XD

Anonymous said...

If traelia entered, I would vote for her. :)

LUXYSIMS said...

Oh! I will try to participate, I do not think being good enough for this group, but I will do my best >,<
In my blog I make clothes, so you wait my creation :)

Omega said...

I think I might go for this, but what to do, what to do.

Cobalt Rose said...

Oh, I'd love to try an enter! Even if I don't get it, it'd still be fun to try! n_n

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking the other day that Traelia would be a great Ace Creator. Hope she enters!

Rhiss said...

Wish I could do this. *sigh* not creative enough, though.

Unknown said...

Oh, I would LOVE to. I don't have enough time to create consistently, though. And the only thing I CAN create are poses.
I wish I had more time :( good luck to the rest of you!

chobits said...

Yes I would love to see Omega and Traelia join this group! Both are awesome creators!!!

Unknown said...

I'll give this a try. Good luck to everyone! :)

Jessica_A said...

:( wish I could create stuff, I only know how to re-texture hair but there's some serious competition going on here, I'll never win!

Lish is right, Traelia should join or Capitalsims both create a bit of everything. My other favorites are Darko (good clothing) and MA$IMS (nice shoes), any of them would complete Ace creators!

I was also wondering the same thing as that first Anon lol! I wonder what the new creator will be...joker in the pack? :D

Anonymous said...

I don't know why can't be people who submit on TSR :|

Anubis360 said...

We don't want to get in trouble with TSR, that's all :)

Anonymous said...

It's ok! but I dont know why you will get in trouble with TSR, lol :B
Wish I can be part of ace creators, but I submit on TSR! :(
Anyway, good luck!! Wish you find your 5th member :D

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