Simple Bathtubs + Bonus Item

I think a good 80% of the EA bathtubs are just way too fancy for average sims' use. So, I created two "simpler" tubs to add a touch of class to your sim's  bathroom without being too flashy.

The Wall Tub

If you haven't noticed, this is really my Even Cheaper Tub redone with a wider basin. I added four new slots to the tub for even more nifty usefulness. And, there are four channels for you to create any type of look for your bathroom. Rather it be a simple style or a more sleek and modern look.

The Standalone Tub

I'm absolutely in love with this tub now! It's made to be a stand alone tub, but it's wide enough to fit snug in between walls if you want to go for a built in look. Like the other tub it has four channels for ultimate customization. However, this one only has four slots.

A Gift For You!

As a gift to all of you lovely downloaders, I present a cute little shower caddy for you to spice up your bathrooms with!

I noticed this caddy in the cheap EA glass shower and I thought it was pretty neat. So I pinched the mesh and made it into a functional one for your sims. It has a full length stand that goes from floor to ceiling. The top tray is deco items that cannot be removed or recolored, however the two bottom trays are empty and have one slot each.

The caddy sits on the corner of a 1x1 footprint for easy placement. You do NOT need cheats to place this object! And, it will not interfere with the tubs or showers that it is placed near. The sim will simply ignore it and carry on with whatever they were doing.

These are found in Miscellaneous Decor and/or under Bathroom Accents/Laundry.

To ward of the flood of complaints, both tubs were cloned from expensive EA tubs so they'll get the proper moodlet or whatever it is you people seek.

Wall Tub

Standalone Tub - Updated UV Map (6/4/12)

Shower Caddy

Polygon Counts:

Wall Tub - 991
Stand Alone - 1190
Caddy - 274


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This is great! Thanks! (:

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Amazing :) Thank you very much :) Downloaded all tree :)

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You Rock! Thank you!

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These are all so awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!

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I love the shower caddy! Thank you..

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I absolutely love you, dal <3 Thank you !!

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