5 High-Top Tables (Now With 100% More Glass!) by Daluved1

If you happened to download these from the first post, delete those versions. There was a slight...okay maybe not slight...issue with the glass on the tables. And by issue, I mean the glass didn't show at all. But, I've fixed this now, so redownload if you need to.

A few months ago I visited my aunt's new house and fell in love with her interior decor. One thing that really made me go "wow!" was a high-top table in her breakfast nook. I fell in love with the look that the table gave the room and wanted to duplicate it for my sims. When Late Night brought in the bar and club elements into the game, I was surprised that they only offered one ugly high-top table. So, I sampled a few of my favorite regular dining tables from EA and converted them into high-tops.

Fancy Glass


Ornate Iron

Iron Ranch

Wooden Ranch 

Table NamePriceChannelsPolysSlotsCategoryHas Glass
Fancy Glass High-Top Table50036924Misc./Dining TablesYes
Glass High-Top Table40031724Misc./Dining TablesYes
Ornate Iron High-Top Table75035844Misc./Dining TablesNo
Iron Ranch High-Top Table45034364Misc./Dining TablesYes
Wooden Ranch High-Top Table32037284Misc./Dining TablesNo

The files have been combined into one .rar file. Simply delete the tables that you do not want.


simsinspring said...

thank you ♥

Anonymous said...

Really nice, thank you! =)

Unknown said...

Awesome idea :) Thank you :)

aley-hay said...

These were so needed in my game, thank you!
May I ask, where is the glass bar-stool from? :)

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the glass stools from (the ones in the 4th pic from the top)?

Jelly-Nick said...

I love it! I hate the EAxis one. This is perfect.

B said...

I got a set on layaway right now. I love that look too and had been using the old high top table from LN, but now i have some classy ones, with glass! Oh yeah, will look great with the nice bar stools I have. Thank you again for sharing your ingenuity. :D

daluved1 said...

If I remember I got the glass stools from that T-Mobile promotional thing they were doing. Or maybe from a store set. Idk, I'll look in game the next time I play.

Achromatic Hue said...

Wow, these are wonderful! Thank you!

Juuli said...

Hi from Finland!

I would also like to know where those glass stools are from, did you chech it? :)

daluved1 said...

It's from the TMobile promotional set. You can probably find it at SimsCave or something since I'm pretty sure T-Mobile took it off their site by now.

Anonymous said...

May I ask where you get the chairs of the last table? Thank you for this set!

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