Casual Set - by Juliana

This is a pretty simple set of male clothes. 
I did this for my game, because our men are so poor in clothes.
And exactly because of this I decided to share. The shirt was taken from a outfit from Ambitions and the shorts from World Adventures.
I hope you like it.
- For males young adults and adults only.
- Base Game compatible.
- These can be used in everyday, formal, athletic, sleepwear and career categories.
- Polycount: Shorts: 632 polys - Shirt: 2127 polys

If you want to use this in your uploads, just link back here.
Please, don't redistribute. Don't re use my meshes or textures without permission.

Model credits:
~ Dmitry (blonde model) by IMHO
~ Hairs by Raon / Newsea
~ Eyes by Tifa
~ Skintones by Ephemera / Tummy / Peggy
~ Lipstick by Juliana
~ Eyebrows by Heiret
~ Facial hair by bocboc256
~ Tattoos by Juliana (not released)


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Simple but so needed in my game.

Occultine said...

It's always good to have more male stuff !

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! Must have!

Anonymous said...

awesome! thank you! i really really need this!

leah111397 said...

I really love this ♥, guys are always left out with clothing!! I would like to know where i can find the hair on the really tan sim. I looked on Juliana's blog to find this sim and get this hair but i saw he was replaced with a new model. Thanks in advance for the link! :D

Juliana said...

Hi Leah, thank you so much =)
This is the hair:

Anonymous said...

Well besides the models looking droolable xD loving the clothes!

Daisy said...

Thank you! I really like the cut of the shirt and I've needed some shorts.

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