Barstool "Deranchyfied" by Daluved1

I absolutely LOVE the Ranch Barstool that came with the Pets EP, but I hate the horseshoe metal detail on the back. So, I made a version of the chair without it.

It's essentially the same chair as the EA version, except I removed the ironwork from the back. I tweaked the textures some to make it less shiny than the original version because I imagined using wooden patterns on the chair instead of metal ones like before. I also redid the channels so that the back cushion and seat cushion now recolor separately.

Object Details:
Name: Barstool "Deranchyfied"
Price: 400
Category: Comfort/Miscellaneous

For some reason the barstool flagged itself as needing Late Night, even though it was cloned from the Pets version. To be safe, I suggest that you have both EPs installed. If anyone would like to test without Late Night and/or Pets and report back to me, that would be great.


Polygon Counts:



Rob said...

Thank you, Deluved! I don't care for all the horseshoes on all the Pets furniture! It's keeping me from using the otherwise decent furnishings! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks much! :)
I loved this barstool design also, but the horseshoe on it was limiting its use.
You've greatly improved it w/your changes here!
Thanks for making it useful!

PS--if taking requests...that ceiling light needs the horseshoe removed, too.

daluved1 said...

I'll take a look at it. :)

Anonymous said...

I have neither Late Night nor Pets and it showed up and worked perfectly in my game using the package file. :) Thanks so much for making this!!

daluved1 said...

Thank you for testing!

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate this. I've been wanting to use this chair but was put off by the horseshoe, it really is much nicer this way. Thank you very much! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! So much better without.

Tinker said...

Thank you so much for this! ^_^

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