"Sweet Nights" - Sleepwear by Juliana

I hate doing descriptions lol
This is a small set of sleepwear.
It consists of a top and a bottom. The detail of the bow may not be noticeable, but it is 3D.
I hope you enjoy =D
- For female young adults and adults only.
- Base Game compatible.
- These can be used in everyday, swimwear, athletic, sleepwear and career categories.
- Polycount: Bottom: 574 polys - Top: 1784 polys (base game)

If you want to use this in your uploads, just link back here.
Please, don't redistribute. Don't re use my meshes or textures without permission.

Model credits:
~ Hairs by The Store / Rose Sims
~ Shorts by Lili Sims
~ Skintones by Ephemera
~ Lipstick and Eyelashes by S-Club and IN3S
~ Eyebrows by Jessica_2020


Káťa Kropíková said...

Oh, very nice. :)Thank you!

TheDen said...

Sexy! I like it :)

☠ Half Blood, Half Sand ☠ said...

thank you =)

Jéssicα ✿ said...

Lindo Juh, amei..

KosmoKhaos said...

Love it! thank you so much!

amylet said...

Lovely! Thanks

Jen said...

Very cute and really well done, thanks! :)

Juliana said...

Thank you guys =)

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!
Question, where did you get the darker girl's tattoos that are on her back?

Juliana said...

Hey anon, This tattoo comes with Ambitions =)

ColorfulVoid said...

Simple but cute !

Anonymous said...

Something must be wrong on my end, but the package download isn't working.

Juliana said...

This is strange :S
Is everything normal here anon

Anonymous said...

These are absolutely adorable, thanks so much hon. Put up something new soon, m'kay? ;) Love ya <3

Juliana said...

Thank you sweetie <3
I'll try my best XD
College is making me crazy :(

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