"Thickums 2" - Hot Pants by Daluved1

Turn up the heat even more with a pair of curve hugging hot pants! To go with the Thickums crop-top, I made a pair of hot pants featuring a cute sailor flap in front. The flap softens up the style and also adds a little more character to the shorts.

The pants have a flirty bottom that shows off just enough "cheek" without getting you sim arrested for indecent exposure. ;)

Just like with the crop top, there is both a male and female version.

-For adult/YA males and females.
-Available for Everyday, Formal, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Athletic and Career.
-NOT set to random, so you won't have sims flouncing around in booty shorts.
-Three channels: front panel, back panel and buttons.
-EA mesh recolor.

If you want to use this in your uploads, just link back here.
Please, don't redistribute. You may use my meshes, but not my textures (unless given permission).




Rob said...

Cheeky! ;)

Jewelz said...

Love it!

Callie said...

Nice. :) I love how in the sixth picture, it looks like the guy is staring. xD

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