"The Drita" - Pumps by Daluved1

As an extension to my Mob Wives inspired set, I modeled another creation after my other favorite character Drita D'avanzo. She's a feisty one, and is never afraid to kick off her heels for a good fight. 

These shoes really, really, really gave me the blues to make. I thought the 3D mode in CS4 (which I purchased specifically for creating shoes) would make texturing finicky things like shoes so much easier....but I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong! 

So, after about a week struggling with these shoes I decided to just call it quits. They're not 100% perfect, but they actually came out better than I expected.

-For female, elders only.
-Available for Everyday and Formal.
-Three channels: main shoe, shoe sole (Louboutin style), and back of heel.
-Four presets provided.
-524 polys.

The way the shoes are mapped, if the skin (default or non-default) have long drawn on toe textures, it may or may not get stretched. Look at the images for examples. There's not much I can do to prevent this. 

If you want to use this in your uploads, just link back here.
Please, don't redistribute. You may use my meshes, but not my textures (unless given permission).


Augusto said...

I liked This Shoes!!

Karen said...

LOVE these shoes!

Vanity Sims said...

These heels look amazing !

DaringDecay said...

Thank you so much for giving our elders some love! <3

Anonymous said...

Drita is my favorite on the show, and I love Big Ang. I can tell you for sure that from the beginning I haven't liked Karen and I also don't like her pretend cousin Ramona. Those two are so full of themselves and without a reason to be, and they are the cause of almost all the drama they claim to hate.

Thank you for the shoes, I love them. Our elder ladies can always use some nice stuff to wear!

SkyelarMarie said...

Oh, what great shoes! And btw, I looove Drita too..one of my favorites! :)

daluved1 said...

AMEN! Karen and Ramona need to stop. Their "drama" is getting old.

Anonymous said...

They have no toe room. Looks really uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shoes. Could you make them for young adults/adults, as well? Or would they work on adults, if I change the category flags?


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