AMR Queen Of Hearts Accessory Set

A little something from one of the most interesting games I've played - Alice Madness Returns. This set contains 2 accessories: crown and mace, which were used by the Red Queen (Queen Of Hearts) in the game. All credits for original meshes and textures go to EA and Spicy Horse.

 - Available for both genders, teen to elder.
 - Can be used in all clothing categories, maternity and career included.
 - Both accessories have 2 recolorable areas each. 
 - The crown is categorized as earrings, the mace - as ring.
 - Polygon count: crown - 392 polys, mace - 466 polys for HQ. Lower LOD's are smaller.
 - The crown can be used with #aWT Hat Sliders to change it's height/rotation/size.

If you want to use this in your uploads, just link back here.


Model credits:

- Skintone by Ephemera
- Eyes by Elexis 

- Lipstick by Elexis
- Eyeshadow  Emmzx

- Eyeliner by Aarin 
- Eyebrows by Elexis
- Hair by Peggyzone (free)


Augusto said...

Ohh! It's very very cool!! I go create a Beautiful Queen In my game!! XD!kkkk'

Thank you !

Jasumi said...

This is very neat, thanks...

Augusto said...

OK, I'm again here kkk'

Can you give me the link of this Hair??Thanks!!
And I've talked but... These Accessories It's so Beautiful!!kkk'

The Moron said...

love the set, but where does her dress come from?

DaringDecay said...

As soon as i saw these, i knew it was from Alice:Madness Returns! <3 Thank you so much!

Bootherobot said...

Oh! So beautiful! Thank you so much Elexis! I'm so glad I found this site!

May I ask, Where is the dress from?
I know you didn't link it because we can only see part of it, but it's so pretty! :)

Thank you! <3

Anonymous said...

Amazing¡ thanks

Anonymous said...

O.O OMG this site is frikkin AWESOME!! I feel like I've been wisked away to a Fantastic Carnivale World, and I don't wanna leave! BRAVO!!! (I hope things for Guys are on their way, too! :D ) Thanks you for this! (MurfeeL)

Elexis said...

It's not a dress, it's a steampunk outfit (with pants) from Showtime SimPort unlockables.
The hair link is in the credits at the end of the post, it's Peggy's free hair :)

Bootherobot said...

Thanks Elexis! I'll keep an eye out for it! :)
Thanks again for this set!

Unknown said...

This stuff is NICE!!!!!!!! <3
**usually a silent downloader**

I really think it would make my child sim cute c;

Anonymous said...

*-* wow cute stuff :)

Thiago Daniel said...

Hi Elexis! Do you can make a Dress of Alice Madness Return for teens?
and, This set of accessories is a very Beautiful set of queen Accessories...

Juliana said...

@Thiago Daniel
Eu não sou a Elexis, mas posso te ajudar quanto a isso...
Existe um set muito perfeito de vestidos, sapatos e acessórios da AMR, ele funciona pra Adultas e adolescentes:

Thiago Daniel said...

Obrigado Juliana! estava mesmo Procurando...
quero usá-lo como Fantasia do Dia assustador para minha Sim...

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